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Our Story

The Inspiration . . .

…”These three dogs were lucky, as most would agree, they had a home in New Hampshire and one in NYC. They lived in the city but often times thought of all the nature and splendor that NH has got. It’s kaleidoscope of landscapes is a patchwork of dreams, unfolding the seasons unmatched and unseen. We’ll invite all our friends – oooh yes, that sounds neat, we’ll invite them on excursions, adventures and retreats! Let’s take them to New Hampshire for the smells, sights and sounds; we’ll go swimming, hike mountains, go to beaches – all around! With Northward Hound to NH they go – the entire ‘J Crew’ with New York friends in tow. Each trip we take, no two trips repeat, we say, “Don’t ‘bored’ your dog, give your dog a re’treat’!” So ‘NoHo’ was born and that’s just what they do – if you’re lucky, you’ll be a Northward Hound, too!”

Jasper, Jackson and Jezze are Jennifer’s 3 dogs and the loves of her life… We have added another “J” doggie to Jennifer’s Northward Hound “J Crew”, we call him ‘Jobey’.


The Meeting . . .

On a cold February day, in the heart of New York City, through a strange twist of fate, two New Hampshire girls reunited. And this remarkable reunion surfaced, as such reunions often do, in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places — a little dog park. The two girls sat on adjacent benches, as they had often done before. However, today was different – today they recognized each other.

Through conversation, the girls realized they’d both been raised in the tiny town of Hopkinton, NH (population 3000). Jennifer & Leeland, having grown up a mere 8 miles from one another, and having attended the same schools, barely knew each other before moving to a city of 8 million. A chance meeting brought these two together and their deep-rooted bond of friendship has led them to embark on this uncanny, remarkable adventure:  Northward Hound

The Experience . . .

Both Jennifer and Leeland own successful pet care businesses that specialize in dog walking, pet sitting, and light training. With over 15 years combined experience in New York City, they’ve made respected names for themselves in the ever-growing field of “Doggie Care”. Their strong bond of friendship, acute attention to safety and fun, and most importantly, their immense respect and love for dogs, guarantee that your beloved pooch will have an adventure he or she will never forget.