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1. What sets Northward Hound apart from other dog care options?

The only dog trip of its kind, Northward Hound offers a welcome change and an extremely unique take on dog care. With activities from hiking, swimming, running in open fields...this weekend excursion has something for every dog and no two trips are ever the same. Northward Hound invites your best friend to do what they innately love to do...experience and explore the scents, sights and sounds of nature, all amidst the backdrop of Bucks County, PA's majestic seasonal splendor.

2. What is included in a Northward Hound weekend?

Northward Hound offers boutique boarding in Bucks County, PA.  We also offer longer term stays. Your dog's stay includes door to door pick up & drop off as well as fun-filled days of exploration & adventure. We also work closely with a local groomer who can bathe or give a full grooming to your lower than NYC prices!!

3. How many dogs stay at Northward Hound at a time?

For the most part, your dog will have anywhere from 1-4 friends to play with while here, but there are a few "busy times" where that number could be as high as 8. Regardless, Northward Hound ensures attention and exclusivity for your best friend with plenty of play time, relaxation and attention.

4. Will my dog be off-leash during his/her adventure?

Yes and no. Northward Hound’s primary focus is the safety and well-being of your beloved friend. We tailor each trip to the personality and temperament of every dog on an individual basis. There are times where we take walks around Lake Nockamixon on-leash. We also have a half-acre fenced-in backyard for lots of off-leash fun!

5. How long is the drive to Bucks County, PA?

The trip from New York City to Bucks County is a about an hour and forty minutes.

6. Is there a Northward Hound trip every weekend?

There are several trips a year with our season running from year-round. Let us know when you'd like to send your dog and chances are we can accommodate..

7. Does Northward Hound provide meals for my dog during the weekend?

Northward Hound understands the dietary needs and restrictions of each individual dog varies drastically, therefore we request each dog be sent with his/her own food for the weekend.

8. What happens if my dog becomes ill or gets injured over the weekend? Is there a vet on-site?

Northward Hound is fully committed to the care and safety of your dog. Should a situation arise that requires medical attention, there is a vet and 24-hr emergency animal hospital very nearby.

9. Where do the dogs stay during their Northward Hound stay?

Northward Hound is housed in an old stone farmhouse circa 1825 in historic Bucks County, PA. We have turned our family’s stone farmhouse into a virtual ‘doggie haven’ filled with lush amenities, including a comfortable climate-controlled environment, cozy sleeping quarters, continuous fresh water, 24-hr care & supervision and of course lots of fun-filled outdoor playtime!. Clients are also encouraged to contact us any time for current status of their best friend’s adventure or follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

10. When are pick-ups and drop-offs?

Northward Hound does pick-ups and drop-offs with very few exceptions, Monday thru Friday only. We try and accomodate mornings vs. afternoons whenever we can, but we also have to coordinate with other dogs.

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